Part number added nomenclature not cataloged
Effective December 8, 2006

When purchasing some JST part numbers, you may find added characters and letters added to the prefix or the suffix of the part number as designated by our factories and sales offices.

Prefixed characters indicate the factory of origin while suffixed characters may indicate RoHS compliance and/or internal JST changes (i.e. change in raw material supplier). Any internal changes denoted in the suffix do not affect part fit, form or function.

The following common prefixed characters would indicate the factory / country of origin. If there is no character prefixed to the part number, the country of origin is Japan:

(G)  =  Shanghai, China
(W)  =  Indonesia
(C)  =  Waukegan, Illinois, USA
(Q)  =  Korea
(D)  =  Malaysia

The following suffixed characters would indicate the part number is RoHS compliant. These typically apply to PCB mounted headers. The majority of housings and contacts are RoHS compliant as is and do not require these added characters. Please contact your JST sales representative to confirm RoHS compliance if you are uncertain:

(LF)  =   Lead-free. The finish would be 98% tin and 2% copper.

(LF)(SN)  =  Lead-free with a 100% pure tin finish [SN is the Periodic Table of Elements symbol for tin].

(LF)(AU)  =  Lead-free with a 100% gold finish [AU is the Periodic Table of Elements symbol for gold]. The gold finish would have a nickel underplate.

Other characters, such as (S), (N), (M), etc., would indicate modifications to the part, changes in the raw material supplier at the factory, or packaging. These characters differ from part to part and series to series. For details on such characters, please contact your JST sales representative.